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The LA-Legal Louisiana Law Forums is the place to ask questions and get answers about family, probate, real estate, or general Louisiana law.

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Louisiana Law Blog LA-Legal’s Louisiana Law Blog:

Digital Estate Planning

Have you stopped to think about your digital footprint and how your heirs will sort things out?

We all have a digital footprint: your online banking, your blog, maybe you own a Website. You probably have iPhone and Amazon accounts. And how about Facebook, Twitter and all the social media accounts? What happens if you die or become incapacitated? read more…

Why do couples avoid retirement planning?

Is the wife mostly to blame?

Fewer than half of married couples do any retirement planning at all.

Lack of retirement planningA focus group conducted by Hearts & Wallets showed that husbands can get frustrated that wives show no interest at all in retirement planning. One man reported that his wife “is not interested in investing,” and another said “all my wife cares about is if we’re going to have the money.” read more…

Divorce trumped by beneficiary form

BeneficiaryIt happens all the time: someone gets divorced but does not think to change the beneficiary of their life insurance and other benefits.

Louisiana has some specific laws governing what happens when someone divorces but still has the ex listed as their beneficiary on their insurance forms. Did they just forget to take the ex off? read more…

Joint wills are null in Louisiana

artI think most lawyers in Louisiana run into this problem: husband and wife want to do a “joint” will leaving everything to each other. When they are told they cannot do a joint will, they become suspicious that perhaps the lawyer is read more…

Discussing prenups with clients

Prenup agreementsOne of the hardest discussions to have with clients is whether a prenup agreement is advisable.

I once had a client who assured me that his intended wife was fully on board with the idea of a pre-marital agreement. When they came in, she took one look at the document, said “What the hell is this?” -and left crying. Relying on one party to say that both parties understand and agree to a prenup is a mistake I will never make again.

In Louisiana, parties can enter into a pre-marital agreement, or “prenup” prior to marriage. read more…

Endymion – Greatest Hits

Endymion law suitHit by a bag of beads. Did you assume the risk?

You’re at Mardi Gras having a good time New Orleans style when a string of beads hits you in the eye. Do you have any recourse against the person who threw the beads? Against the Mardi Gras krewe organizers?

Take this a step further: suppose it was a whole bag of ping-pong ball size beads and you get hit in the head, knocked unconscious and are taken to the hospital. read more…

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